Apr 11

April 11th 2011 – Kegel Before Zod

Verbal duel over music programs
Tickling Toes and Swallowing things
Necrophilia is icky
KNEEL BEFORE ZOD! Stretch before Zod! Kegel before Zod!
We want our 2 Sense, There’s a Ranting Gryphon out there making Rendal Unhappy
Lando is old now
Don’t Ask Rendal To Do Math
HEL fires on boat
Wookies, Gundams, and Chaos… does some smell a bad idea?
Some Nerd Sites and Their silly lists
Rule 34 Appears Again
Top 10 Downloaded Movies of the Week

Manga Creator has interesting idea
How many conversations can we bounce around on?
Facebook and it’s stupid ass question thing
There are some nutters out the world, besides us.
Christians Don’t Be Offended by us, everyone gets ripped on.
Chicago School banned Bagged Lunches to stave off junk food
Interesting Words indeed

Oga booga oga booga
Elf Ear and Vampire ridges surgically done.
When Did Genetic Defects become fashionable?
Astroboy (America) is not safe for small children.
Ghost Writer Quits Job of Cheating America
Finite Exposure Community Page on Facebook
Common Sense is a Frakking Superpower
Sequels they are nothing but efforts to make more money
Quit Messing With Natural Selection!
DnD and Getting inventive

Mortal Kombat Rebirth/Legacy Web Series, frakking Epic!
The Dark Knight Rises Information
Random News Articles Wa. going to make Supressors legal….
2 Steps Forward, 3 Steps Back
Anti-Cancer is Groovy, Anti-Death is stupid.
Chain Banhammer 40k, Must Have!

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