Apr 18

April 18th 2011 – Madness is the Right of all Eldritch Beings

MMMmmm Doctor Who
Mortal Kombat: Legacy
Cthulhu is Chocolatey madness!
Top Downloaded Movies of the Week
Rift is Declining, WoW LIVES!
X-men and Anime have FINALLY MEET!
X-Men and Doctor repeats and the complaints they’ve garnered
Roku Box
We’re Waiting on the Japanese Perversion Bubble to Burst

If You’re Bald, come find us
Special Shout out to a buddy for getting hitched at a Ren. Fair.
Wa. State man gets time for misdemeaing a Goat
“Man Bursts into Flame In San Fran Porn Shop,” We can’t make this shit up.
We Quit, We Frigging Quit… They’re Coming out of the Damn Walls

“Madness is the right of Eldritch Beings!”
Anthony Hopkins as Odin looks like A Wookie
Peter Dies, Spider-man Lives
We’ve Jumped the Shark shooting J.R whilst Nuking the fridge!
Chaos hates Burton and Depp Match up movies
Piracy and Hypocrites Try before you buy
Government Mess Up’s never forget!

Wisconsin Dictatorship could lead to bigger problems
Words that bug us are Terrorist and Socialist
Read Farenheit 451! A must read damn you!
Obama isn’t solely the problem
The System is broke, don’t mend it. Scrap it and Restart from Gov’t OS 1.850
Revive NASA don’t let Russia kick our ass some more!
Trusting Politicians is like trusting a drunken Shark

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