Apr 25

April 25 2011 – Requels and Seboots, let’s Play the F.E. Drinking Game!

Play the Finite Exposure Drinking Game
FCC Rules Are Silly
Screw Easter and The Cone of Shame
SakuraCon was over the weekend.. and We MISSED IT!
Stupid Criminals
Bill and Ted UNHOLY Venture
Wii2 and Rendal’s Moist Ambivalence
There are titties in Duke Nukem

The Finite Exposure Drinking Game
Your Highness starring Natalie Portman, Her Butt, and some other people.
Top 10 Downloaded Movies of the Week
Dylan Dog
A Fantastic Fan Trailer (As Found out later) for TR3N
Sometimes Fanfiction is scarier when you personally know the writers
Bayformers has new Stills out
Bourne Legacy Reboot,Sequel, whatever the hell is going on!?!?!
Kate Beckinsale to be in Total Recall Remake
Johnny Depp to be in 21 Jumper Street Movie
Joss Whedon Announces the shooting of The Avengers
3 Minutes with Sasha Greys Boobs, 2 minutes talking with Joss Whedon, or 1 minute with Ewe Boll and an Iron?

The Doctor Who Premier Blew Our Minds
The New Enemy is scary stuff
Steven Moffat is an evil glorious genius bastard, and Chaos wants him to bear his children
We’re Excited for the Neil Gaiman Episode, and found the viewing numbers for the premier
Elizabeth Sladen Tribute CBBC Liz Sladen You Will Be Sorely Missed.

Sarah Jane Adventures are in jeopardy
Russel T. Davies and Moffat should team up and do a crossover episode
Eccleston and Baker loathe being the Doctor anymore because that’s all people know
Some More Doctor Who debate bits

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