Apr 04

April 4th 2011 – Failed Punch Lines is like trying to find Common Sense in Politics

The Governator Comic isn’t a Joke.
Topless Robot has sometimes Good Stuff
All Should Bow Before Toei Animation
The Rock has an acting range of a Tea Spoon
FFFFUUUU Stallone! Say No To Justin Bieber!!!!!!
Drunken MSTing goodness
New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Comics plus reprints of the original!
Chatroulette is scary

Tesla is suing BBC’s Top Gear for Slander
Some Good Movies and Some Bad Movies..
Sequels are like Nihilists.. They Don’t Matter
Hobo with a Shotgun
10 Most Downloaded Movies of the Week
That is Necrophilia is Icky and some off show other stuff

Prepare your Drinks!
Facebook is becoming hella annoying
Local Newspaper proves Common Sense is almost extinct in our area
Chaos and his back catalog of anime
American National Socialist Party… God Damn Nazi’s.
It’s not just rewriting history, it’s CHANGING it.

Blizzards April Fools was pretty good
Conan The Conqueror the game.
Duke Nukem delayed due to controller issues, that’s a GOOD thing
We argue and debate the release days of various consoles
Arcades Rocked HARD.

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