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May 28

May 28th 2012 – As Our Break Ends The Madness Is Reborn

Rendal in a final bid of our Vacation get’s interrupted by a Surprise Chaos! Site’s overhauls are done and relaunches with it’s brand spanking look and layout! Naughty Clergies Butler Releases Secrets! Asexual cooks and serves own Meat and Veggies … Continue reading

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May 14

May 14th 2012 – Revengeful Return of Rendal’s Ravings!

While Taking a month long season break Rendal decided to revive Rendal’s Raving’s Enjoy

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Apr 09

April 9th 2012 – Russia Wins This Round Comrades

Russia Wins, Have Preserved Wooly Mammoth Russia Strikes another Mighty Blow, irradiate mind control zombie gun Famous Painter Thomas Kinkade 60 Minutes Journalist Mike Wallace Adult Swim Joke May Become Reality This isn’t your League of Gentlemen but this is … Continue reading

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Mar 26

March 26th 2012 – Games and Porn get Blamed for EVERYTHING

Odd – Japanese Ghost Ship off Coast of Canada Odder – Prom is a Magical Time, especially when your date is a Porn Star WEIRD – Games and Porn blamed for decline of alcohol sales in Japan Global Bank Leaders … Continue reading

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Mar 19

March 19th 2012 – Michael Bay Destroyer of Franchises without using Panda’s!

We Pay Our Respects to Encyclopedia Britannica! Searched and Seizures involve Ball Dropping Going to have to Buy This Months Playboy… Seriously… Dark Shadows Trailer 21 Jump Street Michael Bay Destroyer of Franchises Leprechaun Remake.. Panda-Fucking-Palooza ME3 Game Ending is … Continue reading

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Jan 23

January 23rd 2012 – The Day After The Tubes Shut Down

Mega Upload Downed During Net Black Out Russell T Davies to Begin Aliens vs Wizards George Lucas’ recent interview from the New York Times, which includes this startling bit of news Great Scott! A debate ended with some mutual concessions … Continue reading

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