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Feb 11

February 11th 2013 – Revenge of the Mic Stream! We Enter the Cage with David Cage and Mock that French Bish

This One’s a Long One Folks No Rendal This Week Sorta Gamer Designers and their Vices Canadia is getting Rid of Pennies South American Wolverine is a BAWS Superman Goes Bat shit in Injustice Comic ~~~~~Break~~~~~ Biased Polls and Nonsense … Continue reading

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Oct 22

October 22nd 2012 – Gamers, locked, cocked and ready to Fap!

With a Title like that anything else need not be said. Patient Zero IRL Zombie Shooter Game CW’s The Arrow shoots straight Wins over Host What the Hell is wrong with The Old Republic!?! F2P means F2P! Not bust a … Continue reading

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Apr 04

April 4th 2011 – Failed Punch Lines is like trying to find Common Sense in Politics

The Governator Comic isn’t a Joke. Topless Robot has sometimes Good Stuff All Should Bow Before Toei Animation The Rock has an acting range of a Tea Spoon FFFFUUUU Stallone! Say No To Justin Bieber!!!!!! Drunken MSTing goodness New Teenage … Continue reading

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