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Feb 18

February 18th 2013 – Marvel at Heroes! Meteorites and RedSons! VR Tech how close and how far?

Marvel Heroes and wtf!?!? $199 Price Tag WUT!?! Disorganized Gamer Segment of “Dear David Cage” The Internal Plots of Devastation Against Ourselves and Tentacle Violation is an excuse on the show Chaos is getting his sights set on a Nerdsite … Continue reading

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Nov 26

November 26th 2012 – We Dream of not a Crappy Show.

We Dream of not a crappy show! Larry Hagman has passed The Show Derailed! Thanksgiving Cancelled Plus More!

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Apr 16

April 16th 2012 – Floppy Launches, Secret Slips, and ESRB Parental Fails

Korea Still Sucks At Missile Launches Secret Service and Military Caught with Cock in Hand but no Cash What. The. Fuck. Is wrong with the U.S.!?!?! So The Looper looks actually interesting Surprise surprise 2/3’s of Parents don’t pay attention … Continue reading

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Mar 12

March 12th 2012 – "Treasons, Betrayals, And Electro-Lifts" What is Mugged by Furries for 2 Cents?

Man Mugged by Fox, and it’s not a Furry or Woman Joke The Goddam Batman in Brazil! Two Chinese Kids Commit Suicide to Time Travel… Not. A. Joke. Man Bought Fake iPhone. Man Got Angry. Man Killed Two People. LulzSec … Continue reading

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Mar 05

March 5th 2012 – Googly Violations of NASholes and DOOM!

Google Violating the Law, One Continent at a Time Review of Justice League:DOOM The top 10 movies people lie about having seen Walking Dead News Banaza! The Arrow, a show that sounds ridiculous! Zynga Gone Wild! A Real Fitness Game, … Continue reading

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Feb 13

February 13th 2012 – With Moar Madness, Blood, Guts, and Cheese?

Comic Book Men a reality TV show that, is entertaining.. The Walking Dead Shamble back onto screen and bite back More Motherfucking Vampires.. Give us a Break More Motherfucking Smallville Most Evil Thing We’ll See for the past week George … Continue reading

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Jan 30

January 30th 2012 – Giant Tech Blunders Gives Us Quantum Blindness

Tech Giants Accused of Recruitment Collusion Absolutely Nothing Makes one Squint and See a New Monty Python Movie The Great Fallout Legal Battle Ends Without a Fallout MMO Rumored new Turtle Game Evitable Mash Up is Here Minecraft and LEGO! … Continue reading

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Jan 23

January 23rd 2012 – The Day After The Tubes Shut Down

Mega Upload Downed During Net Black Out Russell T Davies to Begin Aliens vs Wizards George Lucas’ recent interview from the New York Times, which includes this startling bit of news Great Scott! A debate ended with some mutual concessions … Continue reading

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Apr 04

April 4th 2011 – Failed Punch Lines is like trying to find Common Sense in Politics

The Governator Comic isn’t a Joke. Topless Robot has sometimes Good Stuff All Should Bow Before Toei Animation The Rock has an acting range of a Tea Spoon FFFFUUUU Stallone! Say No To Justin Bieber!!!!!! Drunken MSTing goodness New Teenage … Continue reading

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Mar 07

March 7th 2011 – Watch Your Head, Low Flying Geeks

Opener Few Technical Details that always make it onto the air. Nicholas Courtney and Dwayne McDuffie you will be missed Twilight Marital Aid… Lucas goes to Far, Star Wars in 3D Spider Man: Turn off the Dark, take it behind … Continue reading

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