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Feb 10

February 10, 2014

Chaos and Rendal are back with another week of Finite Exposure. Starting off Rendal talks about broadcasting on Next Chaos shifts to a interesting cat he found out about. Rendal’s computer takes a dump on the connections which makes … Continue reading

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Jul 23

July 23rd 2012 – The Geek, The Freak, and The Madness Reborn

Our Madness takes new Turns, New twists, and we go new places!

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Jun 18

June 18th 2012 – We Abdicate to the Abadacus not Named Atticus

Furries congregrate and pull over $20k together to help Deli Rodney King is Dead.. That’s It. All we Got. Two Year Reprieve from Deportation Thanks to Obama Circular Cycles of Nonsense Bushy Jr’s head on a pike, The Interwebs Esplode! … Continue reading

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Jun 11

June 11th 2012 – We Few, We Oh Lucky Few, We Band of Buggered

There’s be so many deaths: Musicians Collection(Gibon, Welch, Cosey), Trolo Guy (Eduard Khil), Ray Bradbury The Morningstar Passes The Daystar Ton-Ton Furries Shame On Wisconsin for Falling Flat Japan to Restart Nuclear Plants John Deere’s Gone Robotic with Tango 5 … Continue reading

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May 14

May 14th 2012 – Revengeful Return of Rendal’s Ravings!

While Taking a month long season break Rendal decided to revive Rendal’s Raving’s Enjoy

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Mar 12

March 12th 2012 – "Treasons, Betrayals, And Electro-Lifts" What is Mugged by Furries for 2 Cents?

Man Mugged by Fox, and it’s not a Furry or Woman Joke The Goddam Batman in Brazil! Two Chinese Kids Commit Suicide to Time Travel… Not. A. Joke. Man Bought Fake iPhone. Man Got Angry. Man Killed Two People. LulzSec … Continue reading

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Feb 20

February 20th 2012 – Anthony Brownrigg Interview

A Very Special Episode We Sit down and interview Indie Horror Film Director, Actor, Writer, and Producer.. (Yes a Man of MANY MANY hats) Anthony Brownrigg! We shot the breeze with him to talk about his long running in production … Continue reading

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Mar 07

March 7th 2011 – Watch Your Head, Low Flying Geeks

Opener Few Technical Details that always make it onto the air. Nicholas Courtney and Dwayne McDuffie you will be missed Twilight Marital Aid… Lucas goes to Far, Star Wars in 3D Spider Man: Turn off the Dark, take it behind … Continue reading

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Jan 31

January 31st 2011 – Statements of Disunioned Thought

State of the Union, Government changes Shaking down the Local News Paper The Teaparties Jihad Look us up at Facebook Pasta Shows Up and Complaining about the Wacky Weather Someone found TOS Pilot Script for Star Trek! Images Leaked of … Continue reading

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