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Feb 11

February 11th 2013 – Revenge of the Mic Stream! We Enter the Cage with David Cage and Mock that French Bish

This One’s a Long One Folks No Rendal This Week Sorta Gamer Designers and their Vices Canadia is getting Rid of Pennies South American Wolverine is a BAWS Superman Goes Bat shit in Injustice Comic ~~~~~Break~~~~~ Biased Polls and Nonsense … Continue reading

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Nov 12

November 12th 2012 – STOP THE INSANITY! Our Election Special!

  STOP THE INSANITY! It’s our Pre-Election Special! Mock the vote? That’s for kids we tear it UP! Abraham Lincoln style…  

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Oct 15

October 15th 2012 – What?! NYCC You Got Nothing? BOO!

The Beginning of the Conversions… Be Afraid. We also take some double barreled shots at NYCC and the complete lack of anything useful coming out it this year.

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Jul 16

July 16th 2012 – Look! The Wily New Co-Host Appears!

After Firing the other host, we’ve got a new shiny one! JOY!   We Welcome Richie as he brings new things to the table, and new madness!

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Apr 30

April 30th 2012 – 100th Episode Banaza!

Episode 100, Time To Go CRAZY Dark Knight Rises Info Summer Movies Looking Forward To, Some We’re Not, and Some Sorta Graveyard Book becoming a movie, interesting Guild Wars 2 Beta has entered BETA Why won’t Halo Die? There’s a … Continue reading

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Feb 20

February 20th 2012 – Anthony Brownrigg Interview

A Very Special Episode We Sit down and interview Indie Horror Film Director, Actor, Writer, and Producer.. (Yes a Man of MANY MANY hats) Anthony Brownrigg! We shot the breeze with him to talk about his long running in production … Continue reading

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Apr 25

April 25 2011 – Requels and Seboots, let’s Play the F.E. Drinking Game!

Play the Finite Exposure Drinking Game FCC Rules Are Silly Screw Easter and The Cone of Shame SakuraCon was over the weekend.. and We MISSED IT! Stupid Criminals Bill and Ted UNHOLY Venture Wii2 and Rendal’s Moist Ambivalence There are … Continue reading

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Jan 24

January 24th 2011 – Some Deciphering May….be Required

A few Technical Malfunctions There is a chatroom! You can listen in live too with Pedobear Icons! Winter-en-mas! Girl dead and cremated, found alive and returns home. In with our new policy of trying not to swear Rendal drops the … Continue reading

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