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Feb 27

February 27th 2012 – Now with 50% more Pirates and Green Terrorists Warrior Princesses!

Let’s Talk Piracy and You! Bit of Walking Dead Interest Phantom Menace, Hate We Are Full Of Yes So WB has to fuck with more anime Franchises, on the Shooting Range is BLEACH How is the following Not a Tim … Continue reading

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Feb 13

February 13th 2012 – With Moar Madness, Blood, Guts, and Cheese?

Comic Book Men a reality TV show that, is entertaining.. The Walking Dead Shamble back onto screen and bite back More Motherfucking Vampires.. Give us a Break More Motherfucking Smallville Most Evil Thing We’ll See for the past week George … Continue reading

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Jan 09

January 9th 2012 – The Madness is Contagious, It comes in Burning Lemon Flavor Now

Bandai not disbanded but bandaged up The Tin Dog Rises Again and is Joined by Sherlock On Star Trek Movie Does Donald Trump have the Balls to Say “You’re Fired’ to the Hulk and Capt. Sulu? AKIRA, DIE MOTHER FUCKER … Continue reading

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May 09

May 9th 2011 – Full of Blasphemy and Sulphur, It burns when we Wii

The Governments Blatantly Full Of Shit 10 Most Downloaded Movies of the Week There are some movies so bad, they can’t be MST’ed Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, RETURNS! Ruining Peoples Days Make Chaos’ Day The Spider Man Reboot Movie … Continue reading

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