Dec 23

December 23, 2013 (Back in the Saddle)

Chaos and Rendal get to finally catch up after a couple weeks. the first hour is spent just in general chatter about each others past couple weeks and their respective home towns Wenatchee, WA and Mankato, MN.

The second half of the show deals with gaming. First off females in gaming. A brief aside by Chaos about Christmas shopping and My Little Pony. Then we chat about the You Tube copyright issues going on with gamers and their videos.

Break Music

The Go Go’s – I’m Gonna Spend My Chritmas with A Dalek
Cats Across America – Hard To Be A Cat At Christmas
Tacoriffic, Cotmm-68 & 030 Band – NES Christmas
Jimquisition – Female Gamer Harassment

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