Feb 13

February 13th 2012 – With Moar Madness, Blood, Guts, and Cheese?

Comic Book Men a reality TV show that, is entertaining..

The Walking Dead Shamble back onto screen and bite back

More Motherfucking Vampires.. Give us a Break

More Motherfucking Smallville

Most Evil Thing We’ll See for the past week

George Boy Toy Lucas is Fucking Nuts Officially

speculate about the Doctor Who/ Star Trek TNG crossover comic


Dain Ironfoot to be Played by El Duche

A Vampire and Werewolf duo that doesn’t incite RAGE

James Cameron, just as fuck nuts as Lucas

YAY! More Grindhouse! Yay! More Scary Mexicans with Machetes named Machete! YAY!

Inception go fuck yourself after this one.

Kickstart a new heart for an old game

Sony CEO With Egg on His Face

Wireless Controllers Seem to Save Lives…

Steam Seems to Have Develop some Leaks

New Star Trek Game incoming

Rock Band Players have Rick Rolled themselves…

Taco Bell, giving being the slitz two ways now.

Blizzard/Activision vs EA/Valve, Round 2 FIGHT!

Marriages doing better in game where it’s fake, then in the real world

What Effect Did Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Launch Have on World of Warcraft?

The 50 Best Video Game Endings of All Time Starts with Resident Evil and Ends with… Black Ops?

Ok We’ll Hold off on the Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey jokes.

Apple is an evil corporation trying to do good.. WTF?! Wait profits, nvm.

Follow up on 3D printer goodness!

Follow Up, Porn isn’t safe by copyright or is it?

Nifty Japanese Tech Thing.. Sorta..

Lawsuit of the DEAD

Aborting Likely Demon Spawn, hot news no one gives a shit about.

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