Feb 14

February 14th 2011 – Full of Luck, but it’s all Bad

Forgetting the button, again
Don’t be a Fool Wrap Your Tool
Egypt a place of parties and riots
Things that will survive as long as Cher and Cockroaches
Social Networking comes and goes, but Net Radio will survive.
Betty Garret Ole Blues Love has Passed on
Michael Rosenbaum returns to series finale cause he’s Michael F**king Rosenbaum
Robocop and Guidos
Sentinel Prime in Bayformers 3..
Fail Clap on, Clap off, the Clapper Bra…


Mortal Kombat Rebirth and Jackalope Radio
Why does the Phillipines spelled PH but Filipino starts with F?
When did it become illegal to do math in the United States?
There is a disturbance in the force… It feels Stupid
Thief steals beef from Tacobell. People told to steer clear.
School bans Sexual explicit dancing, D’oh!
Fingerhut still exists.. Holy Crap
Finite Exposure Drinking Game
Iowa has created a Child abuse Register
Ross Perot, he might not have been a bad president
Doing a Bill Clinton
The Flash slowed again.
Dark Knight Rises
Total Recall and Logan’s Run Remakes comes down the pipeline
Reigning things In and Letting things loose, Gods Help the World.
Forgotten Ages and Drugs that sound like Kinky Amazon Nations
Show needs some serious Disclaimers
DCUO and Rift ripping up WoW
Phallic Shaped Objects to fix itches nearly Kills Host
Adaptation is the ultimate form of theft
Programmer errors make gaming interesting
Glass becomes liquid when frozen

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