Feb 18

February 18th 2013 – Marvel at Heroes! Meteorites and RedSons! VR Tech how close and how far?

Marvel Heroes and wtf!?!? $199 Price Tag WUT!?!

Disorganized Gamer Segment of “Dear David Cage”

The Internal Plots of Devastation Against Ourselves and Tentacle Violation is an excuse on the show

Chaos is getting his sights set on a Nerdsite Stealing his stuff

Meteorites! Red Son! Madness with Hawaii?!?

~~~~~ Break ~~~~

VRMMO discussion piece that kind of falls flat cause some people didn’t do research

We Have Some of the interface we don’t have the gaming tech

3D vs VR

The Radical Paradigm Shifts cause of a VR tech

The Dangers of VR Tech and Gaming

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