Feb 06

February 6th 2012 – It’s a Sad Cruel, Sick Sick World. Evil Dead being Remade…

The Evil Dead Bonanza Short

Circuit Reboot underway

The Spock Uhara Connection

Bane Behind the Mask, Tom Hardy Talks Unmuffled

Robocop Reboot Has a Writer

Utterly Redundant Change by Sony Video

Gamers Rage at Inconsistent EU Material, Bioware Plans Patch for Book

Gamer Dies in Taipei Internet Cafe, Nine Hours Later Someone Notices

Perverts Running Amok with NSFW SoulCalibur V Character Creation!

Warhammer 40k Game Faces Dark Future Indeed

Report: Video Gaming Interrupted by Sadistic Sisters. Cruelty Ensues

Some of Ubisoft’s PC Games Won’t Work Next Week. Not Even Singleplayer.

Gene Simmons Wants to Make a KISS Angry Birds Game

Cockroaches the new Biofuel

Super Earth Candidate?

Europe to Google, Hold Your Damn Horses Smart Phone Users Bathroom Secrets Revealed

Smart Phones Augment Reality…

Harvey and Dent the Two Faced Kitten

Science has Found Ways to Read Your Mind or rather Read Your Thoughts

Attack of the Clones and Not The Shitty Lucas Movie

Master Blaster the Sonic Contraceptive!

1 is the Loneliest Number besides 01

Back to the Future the Musical

Follow Up Mutants Are Not Human

The Watchmen Prequel, Who Watches the Watchmen before they were the Watchmen

Tin Foil Hat Doesn’t Protect from Stupidity

Diablo 3 Beta Invites

Gundam Is Getting a Japanese Theme Park

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