Feb 07

February 7th 2011 – And the Monkey Flips the Switch

New Feature of the Show “PUSH THE DAMN BUTTON”
Missing Superbowel Movement stuff
AOL they gone up in the world… which is weird..
Egypt has returned to the interwebs
The War on Net Piracy and how it’s ridiculousness
Big Brother Keeps over stepping it’s legal bounds
People are realizing the government spying on it’s people, no duh!
Top 10 Pirated Movies for the week of Jan 31st and Google gets threatened
Net Piracy does IMPROVE sales

The World is Photoshopped
Adverts are consuming the net, and it’s not just porn ads.
Somehow Wrestling got slipped into the show
Christina Aguilera fumbles the ball when singing the National Anthem
Why Pasta is quiet. he’s a zombie
AoL buys out the Huffington Post?!?
Anon attacks Law Firm for supposedly knowing the leaders of Anonymous
Smart Hackers don’t go to DefCon
Don’t Steal a Person’s Computer… They Could be Hacker
Vegas Jail.. Worlds biggest Cocktease

Green River Killer has gotten his 49th Life Sentence
Tv Boss killed Wife, we question the sanity of the world
May 10th 1945 Russia ran outta vodka
When it comes WW2 both sides of the Pacific overreacted
Dictators are necessary evils sometimes
Sometimes extreme violence and overreacting is the lesser evil
Chaos has serious issues with Nuke Power, but sometimes there are necessities
Things we could have been using the Naughties for instead of War

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