Jan 10

January 10th 2011 – Jackalope Radio Take 2!

So Broadcasting on Jackalope and it’s tricky

There we go nice and loud now, prepare to have SPEAKERS BLOWN
A Pantomime Show Got Axed for Violation of Geneva Convention
Working out the swearing kinks
Proper Terms: Them Brits and their Cigarettes
Pastafarians FBCC and Rendal’s Fame
Jackalope Radio and Broadcasting Tech God Atrocities

The Gifford Shooting Incident
Winter Sucks In Alaska, Sarah Palin Just sucks
2 Guarantees from us: Mocking Palin and ‘Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark’
Diets don’t work for everyone cause people need different things
To many Distractions in this day and age that keep people inside
Pokemon actually a better example of a world
Palin is going to hell purely on Good Intentions


Pimping Out 2 Sense Show, 2 Better Love Us


Birds dropping dead, Meat Dropping from the Sky is cooler
Kid loses it and eats a Cop… Car
Heel Hitler, Nazi plot to bring down man cause of a Dog that impersonates Hitler
Wanted Idiot uses fake ID during traffic stop, finds out the guy is wanted for rape
Walking away from a Job, for a reason
Worst Products from Electronics Convention Floor Show
To Gay for Liberace
At the Mouth of Madness been green lit to be Directed by Guillermo Del Toro
Guy Fights Atlanta County over ridiculous fines

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