Jan 13

January 13, 2014 (first show of the year)

First show of the 2014 year. We start by talking briefly about The Simpsons and then about Pride 48 and conventions. Then it is on to the upcoming Tekken movie and then the Superman vs Batman. Then a brief aside talking tabout Michael Bay. Talking about the first Hobbit Movie. Next topic is the DERP hacking attacks against Phantom L0rd.

Back from the break we start off going into Sim City and its updates, then Pro order and World of Warcraft. Moving on to Sailor Moon and Sword Art Online. Next is the CES Convention and some stuff that came out of it like 3d Printers. Then back to World of Warcraft on the level 90 debate closing on the mention of the annual pass making its possible return?

Break Music

10 Monkeyes – Lay Down ft. Abigail (10 Monkeyes Radio)
Tricky Bizzniss – C’mon C’mon
Tim Rex Experiment – Alive Ft. Graziella (Tim Rex Remix)

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