Jan 16

January 16th 2012 – Jong Not so Il anymore, We have to watch those slippery SOPA’s

White House Does Not Support SOPA/PIPA

PC Game Cancels E3 Appearance as SOPA Protest, Shutting Down Beta for 24 Hours
More Studios against Sopa

Gaming Industry Spent As Much As $190,000 Pushing for Senate Version of SOPA Last Spring and Summer

Madame De Pompadour… err.. Ex Tennant Girlfriend to become new companion?

Dracula Ain’t Dead and Ain’t Loving

It Star Wars the Phantom… Fuck can’t find anything witty to say

Less then a Surprise Bioware Big Star Mass Effect Only on Origin

You Cannot Kill the PS2. It Will Not Die.

Iapetus, Finding Balance in both the Light and the Dark Sides…

Earth As a Telescope checking out Black Holes

Is Moores Law Violated? Has IBM Gone To Far? Is this All Redundant Questioning?

Microsoft Shelves Fancy TV Service for the Xbox 360

OnLive Partners Up With Google TV to Deliver Console-Free Gaming to Your Living Room

Capcom Bar serves brains and a pint full of HADOKEN

The Dictator is Dead, Kim Jong Il has DIED

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