Jan 23

January 23rd 2012 – The Day After The Tubes Shut Down

Mega Upload Downed During Net Black Out

Russell T Davies to Begin Aliens vs Wizards

George Lucas’ recent interview from the New York Times, which includes this startling bit of news

Great Scott!

A debate ended with some mutual concessions on movies due for a reboot::
#5) Steel
#4) Judge Dredd
#3) Dick Tracy
#2) Mystery Men
#1) The Rocketeer

Reward for Games? hmm…

Awesome Nerd Grandma Rules At Warcraft

Timelord be messing with our Times

Man Finds Planet on Accident!

Big Tokyo earthquake likely ‘within the next few years’

British Institution saved by Ipad

How much energy would the Death Star require to destroy Earth?

New identity designed to showcase DC Entertainment’s rich portfolio of brands, stories and characters across all media platforms.

Spider-Man Vs. Julie Taymor, Round 97 or Something

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