Jan 24

January 24th 2011 – Some Deciphering May….be Required

A few Technical Malfunctions
There is a chatroom! You can listen in live too with Pedobear Icons!
Girl dead and cremated, found alive and returns home.
In with our new policy of trying not to swear Rendal drops the ball
Man Lives by the Cock Dies By the Cock
Netflix to abandon DVD’s, Alienates Customer Base

Tron Legacy and our continued devotion
Indiana Jones how it could have been done better
Next Batman Movie: The Dark Knight Rises
“Tits” sparks a debate about FCC Language guide lines
Chris Evans sold Captain America, Hugo Weaving as Red Skull finalized it
The Green Hornet looks interesting
Ricky Gervais told a version of reality
The Chatroom is just ablaze in nerd conversations, we’re along for the ride

Harley Quinn, who could play the Clown Prince of Crimes Beau?
Avengers with Joss Whedon Directing
George Carlin in drag as Tina Turner attracts Rendals attention
3rd Bill and Ted?!
4th and 5th MATRIX MOVIES!?!?! NO!!!!
Kevin Smiths Red State
More debates on FCC verbal guidelines, keeps pushing the line
Woman Drops 23 Stories onto a Taxi, lives
Chaos saddened as a tech guy… doubly sad about the chatroom
MLK Parade could have become a Blood bath
New Sherlock Holmes Book has been approved by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Estate

Lesbian Bed Death both a band and a Medical Condition
The Razzies!
Pulp Asian Martial Artists acquire fountain of youth!
Limited Run Bruce Lee!
Reap vs Chaos! Atheist vs Polytheist!
It comes soon Vin Diesel, The Rock, Sylvester Stallone in one room..
You’ll never Doctor Ozzy, not the train wreck you think
There is only Captain Jack Harkness and the Musician

Finish Him! RUIN HIS FACE!

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