Jan 27

January, 27, 2014 (A lot of Stuff)

Chaos and Rendal start off talking about the furry fandom, mentioning the animated Robin Hood and post on 2 the Ranting Gryphon’s blog. The WWE Royal Rumble was a failure. We then slide into the first picture of Peter Capaldi, the latest person to portray the Doctor in Doctor Who, in costume. Then we get into the givaway by the Star Trek Online game for their fourth anniversary of a Kahn costume and talking about Tim Russ doing voicework for the game. Next is Grammy chat and the most butt hurt article I’ve read (regarding Macklemore & Ryan Lewis wins)(). The problems with some online reporting sites.

Talk about the Disney movie Maleficent trailer that debuted during the Grammy’s as well as a brief chat about the idea of monster of the week. Good Luck Charlie gets Disney’s first gay couple. Gawker is being sued by Quentin Tarantino. The Powerpuff Girls comic variant cover. Ebay almost selling a Nintendo World Championships game cartridge for $99,000. New Amazing Spiderman #2 trailer possibly hyping the Sinister Six? Microsoft buys Gears of War. X-Men Days of Future

Break Music

WWE – Ken Shamrock
WWE – Kurt Angle (Medal)
WWE – Gangrel/The Brood
WWE – Hakushi (Angel)

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