Jan 30

January 30th 2012 – Giant Tech Blunders Gives Us Quantum Blindness

Tech Giants Accused of Recruitment Collusion

Absolutely Nothing Makes one Squint and See a New Monty Python Movie

The Great Fallout Legal Battle Ends Without a Fallout MMO

Rumored new Turtle Game

Evitable Mash Up is Here Minecraft and LEGO!

BlizzCon Cancelled!

Could the New Xbox Kill/Cripple things like Gamestop?

Bioterror fears halt research on mutant bird flu

Piracy taking a New Angle

Wifi Off the Cuff

11 new planetary systems

Quantum Computing Blinds Info Intruders

It Maybe in Filler But it’s To Cool NOT to Mention

SHAZAM not Captain Marvel.. uh

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