Jan 31

January 31st 2011 – Statements of Disunioned Thought

State of the Union, Government changes
Shaking down the Local News Paper
The Teaparties Jihad
Look us up at Facebook
Pasta Shows Up and Complaining about the Wacky Weather

Someone found TOS Pilot Script for Star Trek!
Images Leaked of “The Amazing Spider Man”
Spider Man: Kill the Bloody Show
New Venom! Agent of SHIELD?
New Thundercats series…
Be afeared somehow a Wild Rule 34 APPEARS! BE VERY AFEARED!
Car Insurance Fail Poster Bayformers 3 causes us to cry alot..
The Hobbits
Next Superman and Batman movies rumors and speculation
The Death of Johnny Storm!

Pissing on local Furries – Na’vi isn’t a real language, Elvish is more of a language
Somehow porn comes back into the show…..
Rift Beta and Rendals hard loving of it
A Video that will make you crap your pants, Free Climbing a 1700ft Radio Tower Curse.com Beta Key Needs
James Bond Will Never Die
What could Chaos do with a Death Star?

Bootleg Chinese Gundam RETURNS!
Join The Raid
Survival of the Dead aka Diary of the Dead 2
Tweaking Scenes that aren’t supposed heroic… to become Heroic
DnD banned in prisons due to “Gang encouraging activities”
Defining and Discussing “The Greater Good”

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