Jan 03

January 3rd 2011 – The Excitement built.. and We Keep Failing

We join the Jackalope Family‚Ķ and the connection has issues that’s our luck right there. Sitting down to discuss the hot button Politics, our distaste of Michael Bay,
DCUO A New Year and Still Mucking around
People who laugh at Dead baby jokes get Uppity about Pot
Governator Retires and Obama could be the New Hoover
Our Hatred of Oprah Winfrey is not that surprising Do we have theme going? Yes We’re talking Politics!
Wal-Mart Is Evil, Especially our local one
Mic Dies and Alabama Drive Thru Sex Shop
Weird Little Bits including our Bio, Batman Porno Commentary, and The Mic Keeps dying

Learning a friend was on 10k Pyramid, huh who knew.
Jack Daniels Rum screams gut rot
Chaos really doesn’t care about The Monkees, Elvis, The Beatles, and Pasta does disgusting things
Moving away from Dick and Fart Jokes to Sci-Fi Conventions and the local area needs one Knowing where to draw the line on things; Furries and BDSM Bayformers 3: Douchenozzle of the Moon and How Michael Bay should be hurt
DCUO grand fun, but wears out your mouse by clicking
Take Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark out back and put it down like old yeller
Ahh The Razzies are coming up

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