Jan 09

January 9th 2012 – The Madness is Contagious, It comes in Burning Lemon Flavor Now

Bandai not disbanded but bandaged up

The Tin Dog Rises Again and is Joined by Sherlock On Star Trek Movie

Does Donald Trump have the Balls to Say “You’re Fired’ to the Hulk and Capt. Sulu?


Toys, Toys, Toys, Travel Channel is NUTS

Jetsons Still On, in other News Chaos likely to get arrested for beating Rapper

Thanks AMC, you Fucked Up a Good Possibility

What? Robert Downey Jr. w/ Tim Burton for Pinnochio? WHAT?!

Take Me Where the Sky’s are Free, Serenity MMO May Still Live On

Holodecks they be coming

Ooopsies, trololol Google’s been a naughty company!

Science 1, Religion -9000. Evolution In Action Folks

Chaos Is Crying Because he’s Drinking Mt. Dew Right Now

Um… WTF!?!

Twitter Fun Times Floating Body off of Portsmouth was an Alien!?!

Lord Vader Finds Your Lack of F.. DON’T TAZE ME REBEL SCUM!

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