Jul 02

July 2nd 2012 – Science it’s Like Magic but Less Annoying

Leap Second and Heat Wave Strike Down Interwebs
ObamaCare and You – The Good and the Very Bad
SDCC Starts Next Week, Hold Onto Your Butts

Technical Malfunction of the Furball Kind
China’s First Female Astronaut Returns
Japan to Break Chinese Strangle hold on Rare Earth?
New Type Batteries Look Like Patches, hmmm….
We Can Blame Texas for this Weather Folks, them and their Mad Science
Lightning Throwing Lazer Beam.. Who let them into Chaos’ Mad Science Book?

Is The 3 Breasted Hooker Really What The New Total Recall Needs?
Why the Devil is Ryan Reynolds being Connor MacLeod!?!?
“Who the Hell is Nathan Fillion and Ryan Reynolds?” blast it Rendal!

SDCC Starts Next Week, Hold Onto Your Butts
Gamestop How’d You Slip This One By Huh?
10 Comic Characters that got Big In other Media First
The Ending they Didn’t Want, but the Ending they Deserve! ME3 Extended Endings


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