Jun 11

June 11th 2012 – We Few, We Oh Lucky Few, We Band of Buggered

There’s be so many deaths: Musicians Collection(Gibon, Welch, Cosey), Trolo Guy (Eduard Khil), Ray Bradbury

The Morningstar Passes The Daystar

Ton-Ton Furries

Shame On Wisconsin for Falling Flat

Japan to Restart Nuclear Plants

John Deere’s Gone Robotic with Tango 5

It’s Raining On Saturn by It’s Moon

Wreck It Ralph

Justice League of America Movie Greenlit?

Michael Bay still a Douchebag

Al Capone Hide Out On Ebay

Wolverine’s Nemesis is Cling Wrap

Obiwan Kenobi drives a Toyota?!?

LinkedIn Hacked

E3 Coverage:
Nintendo Press Conference
Some Burning Questions about the WiiU answered
Some Good Looking Games

Microsoft Press Conference was Full of Suck

Sony Press Conference caused a Mental Breakdown

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