Jun 25

June 25th 2012 – Succently Sweet Madness of Mondays

Our Witty Opening Banter Now Comes with Aliens Today!
Arizona Anti-Immigration Law Squeaks by on some parts

Greenland’s Lazy Sharks
New Bird Flu and how Dangerous it is
We Say Good Bye to Lonesome George
Christian Fundamentalist Use Nessy as Excuse to Decry Evolution

Harry Potter Anti-Christ? To the LXG he is.
Anime Expo over the Weekend, DO IT!
Schadenfreude Summer for Non-kids or Comic movies

Mine Craft Ban Leads to Swat Storming House
The Secret World a Rendal Review
Not the Ending Gamers Wanted, But the Ending They Are Getting

Tron Uprising The Good and the Bad and the Continuity
Doctor Who’s Back In August Baby!

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