Mar 12

March 12th 2012 – "Treasons, Betrayals, And Electro-Lifts" What is Mugged by Furries for 2 Cents?

Man Mugged by Fox, and it’s not a Furry or Woman Joke

The Goddam Batman in Brazil!

Two Chinese Kids Commit Suicide to Time Travel… Not. A. Joke.

Man Bought Fake iPhone. Man Got Angry. Man Killed Two People.

LulzSec Leader flips on Anon cause he’s a douchbag

Anti-Sec Strikes in Wake of Sabu Betrayal and Government Arrests For the Lulz’

Brief history of LulzSec

Goddam Australia and it’s Giant Horrendous Poisonous Deadly things

Legendary French artist Moebius, is dead at 73

Well This is No surprise! Corporations skew results, in many nefarious ways!

Venom, is finally get a movie and it’s not supposed to be a cocktease!

Marvel Stealing an idea that was stolen from them first just 20 years before

Sales continue to drop for the Gaming World SimCity Returns!

The Witcher Developers Swear off all DRM!

MMO Hall of Fame 2012

Even Dinos were Drag Queens

Well… It’s bit of a step towards avoiding Nuke Holocaust!
StuxNet while they didn’t do it, was a GRREEAT!

Idea according to Ex-CIAHole Space Elevators and now MagLevs… See what happens U.S. Gov’t and NASA!?!?

Bender of Prez? In Wa. indeedy!

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