Mar 21

March 21st 2011 – The Slippery Slope of No-Life Kings

Rift swallows Rendals No-Life, Chaos lost his powers, and Pasta he’s somewhere
We have fans? What?
Top Ten Downloaded Movies for the week
The Divorce Rate will skyrocket
2 Fives Make a Ten
Chucky gets a reboot, Bad Hollywood!

Princess Peach need to close her gorram legs
Funimation tsk tsk
Greetings From Nowhere and Finite Exposure explain so much
Isohunt defends itself by dragging Google in as an example
Ghost Rider Requel.. or is Seboot?
Some politicians are overshadowed by their persona’s
The new Battlestar Galactica was stupid, Caprica was awesome.
WWE not wrestling?
Chaos is angry with Syfy

Pirates of the Caribbean 4
Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Cycle of Life and Death
The Hobbit Begins filming should there be celebrations?
The Dark Knight Rises speculations
Spider man Reboot Villain
Spider Man Turn Off The Snark
Daredevil reboot and power surges resets the feed
Sex Domains will be .XXX instead of .com or .org

Local Area Criminal Bozos… It’s so stupid it’s hilarious.

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