Mar 31

March 31, 2014 (Gaming with Richie)

Falling in ESO


Chaos and Rendal are joined by Richie on a more gaming oriented Finite Exposure episode. We start off by talking about Elder Scrolls Online and Richie’s issues with it so far (Photo above). The rest of the hour is focused on the Occulus Rift being bought by Facebook.

We come back and end up talking about wrestling a while. Then after a brief panic with SAM Broadcaster not recording it is found that Xsplit is recording it. The video might sound odd as opposed to our normal shows,that is because it is extracted from source recording rather tham direct recording”. Next is much nerding out over Wizard World’s Minnesapolis Comic Con. We then talk about the shift in media to becoming more “reality” when it is anything but with various examples.

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Break Music

Beck-Loser (Fatboy Slim Remix)
Mark Crozer and the Rels-Broken out in Love
Living Colour-Cult of Personality

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