Mar 07

March 7th 2011 – Watch Your Head, Low Flying Geeks

Opener Few Technical Details that always make it onto the air.
Nicholas Courtney and Dwayne McDuffie you will be missed
Twilight Marital Aid…
Lucas goes to Far, Star Wars in 3D
Spider Man: Turn off the Dark, take it behind the shed and shoot it
Reboot now out on DVD. BUY IT DAMN YOU!
Beast Machines, so full of suck.
Wrestling.. Who really Gives a Damn?

Every Mecha needs a “Incase of Emergency Kick in the Balls” button
Cthulhu and Big screen time, must have!
Silent Hill 2 Lives!
Some Game Movies are Good, Some are Bad, and Some are so bad they are good
Klingon Hunting Parties… Their targets? Furries!

Old People shouldn’t wrestling
Justice League XXX Parody, Ron Jeremy was born to play the Penguin.
Local area should invest into the porn industry, they’d make money that way
Levels of Hell and which ones we’re going to
Michael Bay Admits Bayformers 2 had “issues”.
“Located under enemy Scrotum” was the keynote
Tearing apart another Car poster, this time “The Death Star”
Sword and Sorcery has begun to remerge into the world, rejoice nerds.
We all know Rendal’s a hermit furry.

“Topless Robots 9 Films Nerds Love to Hate”, we discuss it.
There will be blood on the set of Finite Exposure.

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