May 09

May 9th 2011 – Full of Blasphemy and Sulphur, It burns when we Wii

The Governments Blatantly Full Of Shit
10 Most Downloaded Movies of the Week
There are some movies so bad, they can’t be MST’ed
Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, RETURNS!
Ruining Peoples Days Make Chaos’ Day
The Spider Man Reboot Movie is looking Good.

Necrophilla is ICKY
Sinking Ships and Science Centers
George Lucas is an Official Raging Douchebag
Jar-Jar Binks is he’s so horrible you ignore the rest of the crap acting
The Chinese are kinda like Goblins
Chewbacca with a Ruby Rod Voice
Star Wars nerds Vs Star Trek Nerds
Technical Details of how a transporter works, only nerds care
Family Guy and Cleveland Show Renewed
FEMA are Douchebags
Abridged 95 Sequels, Reboots, Remakes plus Side Notes
Reviews of Doctor Who; The Curse of the Black Spot and The Day of the Moon
Supernatural and Mark Sheppard
The Mysteries of Doctor Who so far are enticing and intriguing!
Mainly if you’re a Whovian or general nerd. Subtle Nods to PotC:OST in Doctor Who
We’re All Masochists

Chaos has a HATE-ON for David Tennant
Eccleston not all groovy with the state of things
According to the Chatroom Eccleston and Barrowman are HOT
The Rantings of Two Massive Whovians
The Hammer is to short
Canadian Mounties, some scary men on horses
Canadia America’s Hair, close to the brain but none of the responsibility
Deep Fried Twinkie
Osama’s dead
Americans are making a profit.. and not a prophet.
AoE Splash Damage if you kill a Politician
Man refused to Shave Til Osama was dead, what a hairy situation.

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