Nov 04

November 4, 2013 (The Geeks Get Healthy)

We are back again. We start off talking about weather and then transition into talking about the house Chaos and his mom live in and living in small places. Then shifting to computer talk. Then talk shifts to food such as Coffee/Tea and Junk food.

Some tea’s talked about:
Morning Bison-morning
Camomile/Peppermint Tea-Relaxing
Purple Box chi-general consumption

Coming back we slide into Shock Jock Television like Jerry Springer, Cops, Top Gear and Jackass. We shift then to Wrestling with the Jackass clip with Umaga, then Drew Carey in the Royal Rumble. Chaos then ropes us back into geek chat talking about Cuban Arcades. The last bit sees us slide into Kareoke and video game consoles.

Break Music
Zero Punctuation – Batman Arkham Asylum
KMFDM – Techno Syndrome (Mortal Kombat III)
Symphony of Science – We Are All Connected

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