Oct 21

October 21, 2013 (Richie is BACK!)

Richie, our long lost co-host makes an appearence today.

The first part of the show is talking about a game project Richie is working on, with Rendal and Chaos brainstorming with him over possible ideas for him to use.

There is a segway then to New York Comic Con, and then Richie and Rendal shifting to wrestling talk

More news after the break including someone who fought a bear and won and a Canadian sex offender who has fled to America.

Someone is looking for the Yeti, a mousquito has been found with dinosaur blood and other animal oddities.

X-Men days of future past and the thoughts behind the movie.

Break Music

The B-52’s-Channel Z
Lol Pandora & the Spiders from Mars-God Bless TV
Billy joel-Sleeping with the Television On

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