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Nov 12

November 12th 2012 – STOP THE INSANITY! Our Election Special!

  STOP THE INSANITY! It’s our Pre-Election Special! Mock the vote? That’s for kids we tear it UP! Abraham Lincoln style…  

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Jun 04

June 4th 2012 – We’re Back From Ether Space! Time to CONQUER EARTH!

We Return From Whence we Came! Many deaths in the Media but Richard Dawson Stands Out The break down and degeneration of game shows on TV The break almost kills Rendal Grievances with competition E3 Starts Today! There are No … Continue reading

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May 14

May 14th 2012 – Revengeful Return of Rendal’s Ravings!

While Taking a month long season break Rendal decided to revive Rendal’s Raving’s Enjoy

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Mar 19

March 19th 2012 – Michael Bay Destroyer of Franchises without using Panda’s!

We Pay Our Respects to Encyclopedia Britannica! Searched and Seizures involve Ball Dropping Going to have to Buy This Months Playboy… Seriously… Dark Shadows Trailer 21 Jump Street Michael Bay Destroyer of Franchises Leprechaun Remake.. Panda-Fucking-Palooza ME3 Game Ending is … Continue reading

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Jan 02

January 2nd 2012 – The Somewhat Hung Over Show, Medic!

Nerdy Things to Look Forward To in 2012: Tron Uprising Star Trek Next Generation on Bluray Lego The Amazing Spider-Man The Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey The Dark Knight Rises The Avengers 3 Events that have Changed Geekdom in 2011 NDAA … Continue reading

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