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Nov 10

NAPODPOMO #10 Finite Exposure 11/10/14

Chaos is running late so Rendal talks for a while about working out to try and keep his weight down. Then we have some religious talk reguarding Pope Francis ending with talk about Doctor Who. Some Skype problems on Chaos’ … Continue reading

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Oct 06

Finite Exposure: October 6, 2014

After a false start the show kicks off. after some brief catching up Rendal and Chaos move into Doctor Who Territory for a majority of the show ending with chat about Anime.

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Sep 08

September 8. 2014 (Doctor Who Reviews)

Raving Rendal talks about the first two Doctor Who episodes; Deep Breath and Into the Dalek in this Finite Exposure Mini Episode. Runtime 43 minutes. Music Played The Timelords – Doctorin’ the TARDIS (12″ Mix) Dean Gray – Doctor Who on Holiday

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Aug 25

Ausgust 25, 2014

Shorter show this week due to Rendal’s continued problems with Charter (We actually got kicked off for to many interruptions), Chaos does a lot of reviews with Dthe new doctor who episode and movies Godzilla, Transformers: age of Extinction and … Continue reading

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Jan 27

January, 27, 2014 (A lot of Stuff)

Chaos and Rendal start off talking about the furry fandom, mentioning the animated Robin Hood and post on 2 the Ranting Gryphon’s blog. The WWE Royal Rumble was a failure. We then slide into the first picture of Peter Capaldi, the latest person … Continue reading

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Dec 30

December 30, 2013 (2013 In review)

The first hour of the show looks back at the 2013 Doctor Who season. We talk over it for a while before sliding into Doctor who vs Star Trek and then Star Trek vs Star Wars. Then for fun we … Continue reading

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Oct 07

October 7, 2013 (Government Reboot)

The show starts without Chaos, so Rendal starts off with the shutdown after a bit over a half hour of this Rendal talks about the Thought Catalog article 14 Surprising Things Americans Don’t Know, According To Poll Numbers. Chaos joins … Continue reading

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Jun 25

June 25th 2012 – Succently Sweet Madness of Mondays

Our Witty Opening Banter Now Comes with Aliens Today! Arizona Anti-Immigration Law Squeaks by on some parts Greenland’s Lazy Sharks New Bird Flu and how Dangerous it is We Say Good Bye to Lonesome George Christian Fundamentalist Use Nessy as … Continue reading

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Apr 02

April 2nd 2012 – Odd News and DAFU!?!

Rick Santorum Ruined His Campaign Face Woman took “pushing up daisies” way too literally. Macabre and Odd News Legend of Korra Nightbreed, Clive Barker Might be breathing Life into it Anime Juggernaut “BLEACH” has come to an end HP Director David … Continue reading

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Jan 23

January 23rd 2012 – The Day After The Tubes Shut Down

Mega Upload Downed During Net Black Out Russell T Davies to Begin Aliens vs Wizards George Lucas’ recent interview from the New York Times, which includes this startling bit of news Great Scott! A debate ended with some mutual concessions … Continue reading

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