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Dec 30

December 30, 2013 (2013 In review)

The first hour of the show looks back at the 2013 Doctor Who season. We talk over it for a while before sliding into Doctor who vs Star Trek and then Star Trek vs Star Wars. Then for fun we … Continue reading

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Oct 28

October 28, 2013 (Gaming Galore)

Richie is around again this week, with he and Chaos starting off talking about a Call of Duty: Ghosts with a problem that occurred at a France con. then Rendal and Richie start chatting about Marvel: Heroes. They The drift … Continue reading

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Oct 21

October 21, 2013 (Richie is BACK!)

Richie, our long lost co-host makes an appearence today. The first part of the show is talking about a game project Richie is working on, with Rendal and Chaos brainstorming with him over possible ideas for him to use. There … Continue reading

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Feb 06

February 6th 2012 – It’s a Sad Cruel, Sick Sick World. Evil Dead being Remade…

The Evil Dead Bonanza Short Circuit Reboot underway The Spock Uhara Connection Bane Behind the Mask, Tom Hardy Talks Unmuffled Robocop Reboot Has a Writer Utterly Redundant Change by Sony Video Gamers Rage at Inconsistent EU Material, Bioware Plans Patch … Continue reading

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Jan 30

January 30th 2012 – Giant Tech Blunders Gives Us Quantum Blindness

Tech Giants Accused of Recruitment Collusion Absolutely Nothing Makes one Squint and See a New Monty Python Movie The Great Fallout Legal Battle Ends Without a Fallout MMO Rumored new Turtle Game Evitable Mash Up is Here Minecraft and LEGO! … Continue reading

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Jan 16

January 16th 2012 – Jong Not so Il anymore, We have to watch those slippery SOPA’s

White House Does Not Support SOPA/PIPA PC Game Cancels E3 Appearance as SOPA Protest, Shutting Down Beta for 24 Hours More Studios against Sopa Gaming Industry Spent As Much As $190,000 Pushing for Senate Version of SOPA Last Spring and … Continue reading

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