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Jan 13

January 13, 2014 (first show of the year)

First show of the 2014 year. We start by talking briefly about The Simpsons and then about Pride 48 and conventions. Then it is on to the upcoming Tekken movie and then the Superman vs Batman. Then a brief aside … Continue reading

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Mar 19

March 19th 2012 – Michael Bay Destroyer of Franchises without using Panda’s!

We Pay Our Respects to Encyclopedia Britannica! Searched and Seizures involve Ball Dropping Going to have to Buy This Months Playboy… Seriously… Dark Shadows Trailer 21 Jump Street Michael Bay Destroyer of Franchises Leprechaun Remake.. Panda-Fucking-Palooza ME3 Game Ending is … Continue reading

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Mar 07

March 7th 2011 – Watch Your Head, Low Flying Geeks

Opener Few Technical Details that always make it onto the air. Nicholas Courtney and Dwayne McDuffie you will be missed Twilight Marital Aid… Lucas goes to Far, Star Wars in 3D Spider Man: Turn off the Dark, take it behind … Continue reading

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Feb 14

February 14th 2011 – Full of Luck, but it’s all Bad

Forgetting the button, again Don’t be a Fool Wrap Your Tool Egypt a place of parties and riots Things that will survive as long as Cher and Cockroaches Social Networking comes and goes, but Net Radio will survive. Betty Garret … Continue reading

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Jan 03

January 3rd 2011 – The Excitement built.. and We Keep Failing

We join the Jackalope Family‚Ķ and the connection has issues that’s our luck right there. Sitting down to discuss the hot button Politics, our distaste of Michael Bay, DCUO A New Year and Still Mucking around People who laugh at … Continue reading

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